What to Look for in a Cosmetic Chemist

People tend to look for a cosmetic chemist after coming up with a great idea for  a good cosmetic product. Most then take to the internet to search for a Cosmetic Chemist and find that it's pretty difficult to find one. 

Types of Cosmetic Chemists

If you are stuck in the idea stage of your product, finding a company or a chemist to work with is the next best step. However, you’ll need to decide if a company or a chemist is the best plan of action for your needs. Let’s have a look at what types of Cosmetic Chemists exist.

Formulating Chemist – Also called Cosmetic Consultants too, are independent scientists who’ll design the formula on your behalf. They will take your idea and budget on board and make you a formula to your specifications. Keep in mind that with a formulation chemist, you will own the rights to the formula or the product. 

Contract Manufacturer – A CM is a company that works with you in developing the right formula and product. They may even throw in free lab work if you allow them to do subsequent production runs. 

Private Labeler – A PL is another option for launching your own product. The PLs will only let you make small customizations to products and give you an existing formula to work with. It will look like a new product, but essentially the substance in the containers may not be individual or unique to your company.

Pros and Cons

A chemist will come up with a custom formula that you own. But this will be at a cost to you, you’ll have to do a little more work and it will take longer to do. 

A CM is not as expensive and gives you some customization options. It’s therefore cheaper and faster but you don’t own the formula. 

A PM is the quickest and