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Exclusive formula ownership
Unique, completely custom formulas
Un-paralleled customer service
Competitive Pricing



This means that your formula is exclusive to you! Owning your own formula gives you autonomy over all aspects of your brand.


Even though a manufacturer may work with you to create a completely custom formulation, not only will you have to pay for the formulation, but you will have to pay additional fees for the rights to ownership. Just because the formula is custom made, that does not warrant ownership.


If you do not own the formula, the manufacturer can use that formula for other clients. If your manufacturer shuts their doors, you will have to go to another formulator and repeat the entire process over again. The manufacturer can also raise their prices at any time because they know you cannot get your formula from anyone else without paying. In some cases, they may even sell your formula to other clients.


Our formulas are made with you in mind. We can create something completely custom, unlike any one product on the market. We can also put twists on popular and trending products.

If you already have an existing product in mind, we can reverse engineer any product to give you the look, feel and performance of any product on the market.

We can create formulas with completely organic ingredients, as well as vegan and gluten-free. We also handle over the counter creations as well.


There are a lot of organizations in the US to partner within the US. However, one thing you will find is the lack of customer service and transparency from these companies.

Many of these companies either do not provide a phone number on their site or when a customer calls them, they filter you straight to email. The reason they do not want to speak to you is that they do not want to risk wasting their time on someone who isn't a customer yet. Companies also prefer to work with larger brands and may not take your inquiries seriously if you are just starting out.

We understand that many times, you want to be hands-on and fully in control of your project. Speaking with a team member can be inspiring and extremely helpful and we love hearing about what you want to create! 


You can always call us or message us, we love speaking with you and answering your questions. We have clients from all walks of life whether they have established brands, or young professionals just starting out. 


Our pricing is competitive compared to other manufacturers and product development labs. We provide you with a quote before you sign with us, and you are never locked in with us before understanding our process, and our costs.