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We create top-notch formulas and are certified to make all-natural and OTC formulas.

Let's Develop the Product of Your Dreams Together

Health and beauty products are our bread and butter. If you have been thinking of launching your very own brand, you have reached the right place.


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Development Team

Our team has a combined industry experience of 30+ years, which enables us to smoothly transition projects from development, to manufacturing, to brand design.


We have the industry contacts and the talent to be able bring product brands to life from beginning to end.


Got Questions?

We offer one-on-one, 1 hour consultation calls with one our lead chemists for $399. Our team has a combined 20+ years in the business and can guide you beginning to end.

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Done With Your Formulation?

Test your market with a soft launch using our brand new Pilot Lab. No need to find a manufacturer or produce large quantities. We offer minimums of less than 500 units.