Why You Need a Cosmetic Chemist to Bring Your Product to Life

5 Benefits of Working with a Professional Cosmetic Chemist

1. A chemist is a certified, degreed scientist who is extensively experienced in product formulation. If you are ready for the process that leads to manufacturing, a chemist will guide you through the process of creating a product that meets industry standard. Make sure you find a chemist with an advanced degree, who specializes in the type of product you want to make.

2. A chemist will have access to raw material or other ingredients you need, whether standard, certified organic or 100% natural. They will create your formulation to your specification and can provide an ingredient list that can be used for your label.

3. Your product may require either Accelerated Stability Testing and/or Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET). Stability testing measures how well a product retains its quality under varying conditions. For consumer over-the-counter products (OTC), such as medicated shampoos, sunscreens, or products using active pharmaceutical ingredients, the FDA has specific stability testing requirements. Cosmetics that contain natural preservatives require preservative efficacy testing. Your chemist will advise you on which test is required for the safety and longevity of your formulation.

4. If you are working with the right chemist and company, at the end of the process, you will own your formula. Companies can offer a non-disclosure agreement that assures your formulation will not be shared with anyone. When working directly with manufacturers, be sure you have this protection.

5. You can establish a long term relationship with a chemist who has proven quality, innovation, and reliability. As you expand your brand, you can continue to use the chemist you are comfortable and familiar with. This relationship could continue to flourish as you build your brand.

Securing a relationship with a chemist and/or company