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How to Adapt Your Cosmetic Chemistry for 2023

The cosmetic industry changes quickly, and most brands change their products to match uprising trends. At Freelance Formulations, we can assist in adapting the cosmetic chemistry of your products to keep customers interested. Here is how you should adapt your brand in 2023:

Adapt by Making Custom Formulations

Unique brands are the best at staying trendy and relevant. Your brand should be a reflection of you and your business goals. With so many different formulas that one can use to create cosmetics, it can be hard to know where to begin.

When you create your formulas through us, the details of the customization process can be streamlined. Here are some ways that we can customize your cosmetic chemistry:

  • Make it organic and all-natural: Each year, there is a higher industry incentive to create organic and all-natural products. These products can be environmentally friendly and safer on the skin. By adapting your cosmetic formulas to be organic or all-natural, you can attract customers who want to help the environment.

  • Make it vegan or plant-based: Many people have opted to choose vegan or plant-based diets and personal care products. We can create formulas that match these diets while maintaining their high quality and sustainability.

  • Make it FDA-approved: The FDA has very strict guidelines for certain products, which can be tricky to adhere to on your own. At Freelance Formulations, we have experience in making FDA-approved products. We can guide you through the process. Your custom FDA-approved formula shows your customers that you care about the safety of your product.

  • Make it cruelty-free: When your brand has a cruelty-free label, your customers know that you take animal rights seriously. Cruelty-free products are highly sought after. We can assist in finding ways to make sure your products are cruelty-free while remaining high quality.

By creating your own custom cosmetic chemistry, you can adapt to the consumer market in many different ways as the new year approaches.

Adapt by Choosing Custom Branding

At Freelance Formulations, we offer packaging design services. You can adapt your brand to have a whole new look through its labels and branding. If your brand has not been giving you the success you want, you may want to change formulas along with branding. You can change the name, label, colors, and more.

We can assist you with our design services to create the brand of your dreams. The way that you package your products can drive the success of your brand. We can assist you in choosing the right packaging to connect you with the right customers.

Freelance Formulations for Cosmetic Chemistry

A successful cosmetic brand should be adaptable year after year. When you are stuck and unsure of what your next move is, consider adapting your cosmetics with Freelance Formulations. We are experts in the cosmetic chemistry business. Our team can assist you in adapting your cosmetic brand to thrive in the year 2023. Whether you're revamping your entire product line or adding one new product, Freelance Formulations can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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