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Formulas Specifically Catered for


We offer stock and custom-made formulas for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to launch their own beauty or wellness brand.



Our list of high-end stock formulas will help you save the most money while still launching quality products for your audience.



Do you have a product in mind that just hasn’t been created yet? Or a product that you would like us to duplicate? Our custom formula services allow you to create your very own product, so you own your formula. 


"Vanessa has been an amazing help. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, but she is helpful and patient with industry newcomers like me. I am very glad to have found her to help me through my first product."

-Lach Hall

  • What type of product formulas can you create?
    We specialize in several segments of the Health & Beauty industry. Amongst those are hair care, skin care, over the counter, topical pharmaceutical, 100% all natural, certified organic, pet, household, and industrial. Find a more detailed list on the Services Page.
  • If I get my formula developed by your company do I have full ownership of that formula?
    Yes. Our clients have 100% full ownership of their formula once the formulation stage has been completed and paid in full.
  • Do I have ownership of a stock formula after buying it?
    Yes! You simply have to bring your formula to a manufacturer to get it made.
  • Can I have a completely organic or all natural formula?
    Yes. We can make your formula completely organic or all natural.
  • Can I have a fully vegan and/ or cruelty free formula?
    Yes. We can make your formula completely vegan and/ or cruelty free.
  • Can my formula be gluten free?
    Yes, we can create gluten free formulas.
  • Can you create over-the-counter formulas?
    Yes, we can create over-the-counter formulas such as sunscreen or acne treatment.
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Got More Questions?

We offer one-on-one, 1 hour consultation calls with one of our lead chemists for $399. Our team has a combined 30+ years in the business and can guide you from beginning to end.

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