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3 Ways to Preserve Cosmetics

Cosmetic chemists are thorough with their ingredients, formulation processes, preservatives, and more to create a high-quality formula. Preservation can help prevent microbial contamination, which increases a cosmetic's shelf-life and improves its safety. When making cosmetics, our cosmetic formulation chemists use the following strategies to preserve cosmetics: 

1. Reducing Contaminants

Like other products that contain organic or inorganic compounds and water, cosmetics may be susceptible to contamination. Contamination can expose customers to unsafe microbes and decrease the shelf life of the product. At Freelance Formulations, we have specific policies and procedures that help us reduce contaminants while we create your product. This includes using a clean lab and equipment, utilizing clean water, and selecting safe packaging. 

You can order smaller product quantities from the Freelance Formulations Pilot Lab. This allows you to test your market and gauge customer interest before ordering large quantities. If you want to order large quantities, you will likely need to work with a separate manufacturer. We recommend choosing one that uses safe practices and has a clean facility. This can reduce contamination and improve your product. 

2. Utilizing Preservatives

Preservatives help prevent the growth of bacteria. There are two types of preservatives, including antimicrobial preservatives and antioxidant preservatives. Antimicrobial preservatives act on microorganisms specifically and can include organic acids, parabens, triclosan, and more. We prioritize preservatives that are compatible, stable, non-toxic, and effective at low levels. This allows us to create cosmetic products that are both safe and effective. We can also use antioxidant preservatives, which suppress the formation of free radicals and oxidative processes that can degrade cosmetic formulations. These antioxidants can include vitamin E, Vitamin C, and natural extracts such as Rosemary. These ingredients are able to neutralize free radicals that can cause the deterioration of color, efficacy, and texture.

We are also able to create custom formulations that are all-natural and organic. If you are interested in making cosmetics that do not include certain preservatives, we can discuss alternative options to create a formulation that meets your preferences.

3. Optimizing Your Formula 

Our cosmetic formulation chemists can optimize your formula for preservation using different strategies and by completing tests throughout the development process. We first determine the specific needs of the formulation and tailor our ingredients to those preferences. We then utilize certain strategies, such as incorporating antioxidants to combat oxidative processes and creating a hostile environment for microorganisms by adjusting pH levels to enhance the efficacy of preservatives. Freelance Formulations also offers accelerated stability tests and preservative efficacy tests to make sure your formulation is resilient and meets our high standards. Employing these strategies allows us to optimize your formula to resist microbial growth, prolong longevity, and produce high-quality results.

Making Cosmetics Is What We Do Best

We create custom formulations at Freelance Formulations using the best ingredients and processes. Making cosmetics involves a blend of scientific expertise and creativity. By reducing contaminants and adding preservatives, we can extend the life of your cosmetics and improve their efficiency. Contact Freelance Formulations to get started on your custom formulation. 

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