A Guide to Hair Types & Products

There has always been a variety of hair types, trending now are products that specialize in caring for a particular hair type. Some of the most successful brands have become best selling by cornering niche markets for hair products geared towards different types of hair.

This success could largely be due to the amount of competition in the industry, there are so many hair care products fighting for shelf space in the market. In order for brands to set their products apart from the competition, they must emerge with products that solve a different problem. In a world obsessed with customization through personalization and embracing of uniqueness, there doesn't seem to be a one size fits all product for anything. And rightfully so; below we will break down the different hair types as well as go over best practices for each hair type.

There are 4 main groups of hair types. Within these four groups, there are 3 variations of the group. Our illustration below depicts the various hair types and their classification.

TYPE 1: Straight

Type 1 hair is typically straight and thinner in volume. There are only a few subtle differences between Type 1A, 1B, and 1C hair, so most of the charts you will see will not refer to all three types. Type 1A hair is the most straight and fine of the hair types. Typically, this hair type is found in individuals of Asian descent. Type 1B hair is typically straight with a medium texture but slightly thicker in volume than Type 1A. Type 1C hair is very straight, but also very thick and coarse.


If your clients have Type 1 hair then you know that this particular type of hair is going to be thinner, softer in texture and for the most part straight. The oil produced by the scalp easily works it's way throughout this hair type without the interference of curls, sometimes causing the hair to be more oily. Because this hair is thinner and lighter in texture, this means that the hair can easily be weighed down by heavy products. To best combat this problem, it is important to keep straight hair clean, by washing it more frequently.

The best products for this type of hair are clarifying shampoo. Clients with this hair type will want to stay away from products that have shea butter, silicones, and heavy oils, as these ingredients can weigh the hair down. Instead, Aloe and Honey are perfect for this hair type as they are both moisturizing and nourishing but at the same time lightweight.