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A Solution to Your Clients' Problem in a Bottle

Don’t leave any money on the table, Sell Beyond Your Service!

One of my personal business goals is not to leave a single dollar on the table, but to help ALL entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Beauty, Health and Household industries develop innovative product solutions of their interest.

Hopefully, you’ve analyzed your business and know your profit/loss numbers. For 2019, let’s focus on the areas where your business was profitable. How can you increase those sales without increasing your service price? The answer is fairly easy; by listening to your client needs and by offering solution products. Solution products are tangible answers to your client’s struggles/problems that can be bottled, packaged and sold for at home maintenance.

Just imagine expanding your service based business into a product based business.

Think about all the products your clients use and need. Offer products that can help make your clients life easier, more convenient. Think about developing innovative products that serve for many purposes.

This may be something that you’ve already thought about, so what are you waiting for? What’s holding you back from contacting us today? We will take you step by step, from “concept” to “cash” and help you properly develop, source packaging and manufacture your new brand of products.

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