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All Freelance Formulations Systems To Seamlessly Move From Concept to Cash

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

It takes several steps to bring a quality cosmetic product to the market. It is not an overnight process.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs do not see their dreams come true because they fear the unknown. However, with Freelance Formulations, this is about to be a story of the past.

We have worked with hundreds of brands and implemented a framework to smooth the journey from conceptualization to actualization.

In this blog, we highlight all the systems we have in place to empower beauty entrepreneurs to take their vision to sellable products easily.

1. Let Go of Doubt and Confusion, Master the Development Process

With the DECCAS course, we facilitate the launch of your brand by providing in-depth knowledge of product development from ideation to execution. Helping you identify your customer needs and create products that meet those needs is at the heart of this comprehensive training program.

Whatever stage you are at in the development process, DECCAS is your compass to support your journey to success. It aids you in defining a strong brand and creating products that reflect your brand values and resonate with your target audience.

More than education, DECCAS aims to strengthen your capabilities as a brand owner. It supports you in releasing products from a well-designed approach, eliminating the risk of falling short of confidence.

2. Get All Your Questions Answered; The Chemists Are at it

Formulating products and creating a brand can be taxing. When you want thorough guidance on particular queries in a short amount of time, 1-on-1 With The Chemist is for you. An hour-long session that allows you to gain expert insight to overcome product development challenges you may be facing.

Not only that, but whether you feel stuck or have lost motivation due to uncertainty, 1-on-1 With The Chemist caters to such cases. Our chemist can tell you the answers you require to proceed with your product idea.

During the call, you can expect personalized guidance and advice tailored to your needs. In addition, our chemist listens to your concerns, answers your questions, and succors you to regain your drive and motivation to continue your research.

With 1-on-1 With The Chemist, uncertainties and lack of drive can no longer hold you back from accomplishing your goals.

3. Stock or Custom Formulas, From the Tightest To Deeper Pockets

We offer a range of services to entrepreneurs, whether you have a small or large investment.

For those seeking a quick start to their product brand, we have a variety of stock formulas created using high-quality ingredients and based on some of the most popular products on the market. These stock formulas can save you time and money and can be taken to the manufacturer of your choice to get your product made.

Alternatively, we offer custom formulas if you want something more unique and personalized. This service lets you fully design and customize your formula with your desired ingredients, benefits, and features.

You will own exclusive rights to your formula and can partner with us to create your dream product, whether it's a skincare line or a cleaning solution. We specialize in all-natural formulas and over-the-counter products and have an extensive library of ingredients.

4. You Are Not In This Alone; A Network Of Industry-Leading Vendors At Your Disposal

We know how time-consuming and overwhelming it is to find the right vendor to partner with. That is why we curated a catalog of select companies supporting your products' birth.

Our Preferred Vendor List features a host of companies we have worked with for years to deliver unmatched quality. It includes Brand Development, Graphic Designers, Business Development, and Contract Manufacturing.

Why search the web and lose so much time compiling a list of businesses to develop your product? Instead, save your precious time by getting the Preferred Vendor List. The best part: Freelance Formulations clients get this list free of charge!

5. The Pilot Lab – You Can Soft-Launch First and Scale Later

Our pilot lab serves when you are done with formulation and would like first to test the waters with your brand-new product. With our minimum order quantity of fewer than 500 units, you do not have to worry about significant financial risks.

No need to find a manufacturer or produce large quantities – we've got you covered. Our pilot lab allows you to gauge customer interest and see how well your product performs in the market. In a nutshell, valuable insights for your new product line without breaking the bank.

6. The Red Carpet Service, A Done-For-You Option for the Booked and Busy Entrepreneur

This is for you if you have a crystal clear vision of your product line, but the development process has more moving steps than you have time for. Meet the Red Carpet Service, a premium care service to take your concept to cash without lifting a finger.

All that we require is an initial consultation with you to log your custom formulation details, and that’s all. Then, the work is on us. You can learn more about this exclusive service here.

Freelance Formulations for Entrepreneurs

You’ve got the idea, and Freelance Formulations has a system to turn it into cash frictionlessly. So, feel confident to pour your concept into the world. We are here to support you.

Book your discovery call today to kick off your dream project.

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