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Can a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist Help Me Create Better Eyeshadow Pigments?

A cosmetic formulation chemist can help you create your perfect beauty line. One key element to any beauty line is a strongly pigmented eyeshadow. Here is how our cosmetic chemists at Freelance Formulations can help you create a better pigment:

What Is a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist?

At Freelance Formulations, our team is full of cosmetic formulation chemists. A cosmetic chemist is a person who works in the manufacturing of beauty products. Cosmetic chemists are key to creating high-quality beauty products. As chemists, we understand the science behind beauty products and what makes one beauty product better than another.

How Can You Create Better Eyeshadow Pigments?

To create a better eyeshadow pigment, several different elements must be included. Our cosmetic chemists can assist you in choosing the right ingredients to create a great pigment. Here are some of the ingredients that we have put together to make our stock eyeshadow formula:

  • Caprylic/capric triglyceride

  • Lauroyl lysine

  • Mica

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • PTFE

  • Silica

  • Talc

  • Zinc myristate

Our stock eyeshadow formula comes in matte and metallic. These eyeshadows have low kick back and rich pigments. Our eyeshadow pigments are made to have long-lasting wear. You can customize our stock eyeshadow pigments by choosing five unique colors for your pallet.

At Freelance Formulations, we understand that some of our clients prefer to create their own formulas. We offer customized formulas on many of our products. We can help you create your preferred pigmented eyeshadow.

You can customize our formulas in many ways. You can choose vegan or plant-based formulas, organic or all-natural, FDA-approved, Cruelty-free, or whole foods certified. We can help you create the type of eyeshadow pigment that will last while abiding by your choices.

What Does the Process Look Like?

To create a customized eyeshadow formula with us, the process is straightforward. First, you will fill out our contact form to tell us a bit about your project. You can come to us for projects with one product or multiple products. You will then be prompted to sign an NDA. This NDA is created to protect your ideas. After your NDA is signed, we will schedule a consultation with one of our representatives. During this call, you can share your ideas on how you’d like your product to look. The first payment will be made, and then we’ll send you your first sample formula.

If you love the formula we’ve sent you, we will send the final invoice. There may be some things you do not like about the formula, so we give you as many samples as you need to make sure the product is exactly what you want.

Freelance Formulations and Your Eyeshadow

Our cosmetic formulation chemists can assist you in creating an eyeshadow that has a better pigment. We use our background in chemistry to make sure that each of our products is high quality and works well. At Freelance Formulations, we want our clients to create their perfect beauty line. Contact us today to learn more about our process and how to get started.

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