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Custom or Stock Formula: Choosing Which Is Best for Your New Beauty Brand

At Freelance Formulations, we offer custom and stock formulas for your beauty brand. A cosmetic chemist can help you choose which is best for your brand, budget, and goals. Here are a few things to consider when selecting either stock or custom formulas:

Determine Brand Budget

Your budget can play a significant role in determining what formula to choose. Custom formulas can range in pricing depending on your ingredient choices. Our stock formulas have a set price that you can see on our website. Before choosing a custom or stock formula, review your budget to see how much you want to spend on each product. Consider the cost of samples, the formula, packaging, and other budgeting factors.

Choose a Timeline

The timelines between a stock formula and a custom formula can vary. Our stock formulas have samples ready to be sent to you before purchasing your products. If you choose to customize your formula, you and a cosmetic chemist will meet to discuss the types of products you want. You can save time by choosing our stock formulas. Custom formulas can be a long process. Choose your formula type after choosing the timeline you prefer to follow. Make sure to give yourself enough time to sample each product and make adjustments if needed.

Create a Brand Identity

Before choosing custom or stock formulas, sit down and write out what you want your brand identity to look like. Do you want to be an all-natural company? Is your brand going to be vegan or plant-based? More unique and specific beauty brands may benefit from choosing custom formulas. Our stock formulas are based on popular products and brands. If you choose our stock formulas, you can create a brand identity with labels and how you market the product. Custom formulas are more customizable because you can pick and choose the types of ingredients that are added to your products.

Find Your Customer

After deciding what your brand looks like, find the customer audience you want to target. Knowing your target market can help you determine which formula to choose by narrowing your options to ingredients that fit within that market. A broader target market may benefit from stock formulas as they can be faster and more cost-effective. Custom formulas can increase in price and take longer to create, so choose the formulas your target market prefers.

Consider the cost that your target market is willing to pay for your product. Custom formulas may be a better choice if your target market is more upscale and willing to pay a higher price. Everyday beauty products should be reasonably priced, and stock formulas can be more cost-effective.

Choose a Cosmetic Chemist

At Freelance Formulations, we want to help you bring your dream beauty brand to life. Whether you choose our stock formulas or you want to create your own, our cosmetic chemists can help guide you. Each formula we create is made with high-quality ingredients. Contact us to set up a discovery call to discuss your beauty brand.

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