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How a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist Will Help You Create Quality Products

The self-care and cosmetics industry is a competitive and diverse one. Consumers want a wide range of products to, first, fortify their natural hair, skin, and nails, and, second, beautify various aspects of their appearance. The list of products these wants and needs creates is an extensive one. In order to offer the most effective and appealing products in the field, you need chemical formulas carefully manufactured by professionals. A cosmetic formulation chemist like those employed by Freelance Formulations is your best resource for creating high-quality formulas consumers will love and trust.

What Is a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist?

Cosmetic formulation chemists are scientists. Their scientific expertise focuses on how chemicals (and combinations of chemicals) react to people's bodies — the interior and the exterior. Chemists at Freelance Formulations are trained in chemistry with a substantial grasp of biology so they can comprehensively understand the impact that their compounds have on humans.

Our chemists are there for every step of cosmetic creation. First, they theorize potential effects, particularly benefits, of certain chemicals in connection with human skin. They then experiment with those chemicals, testing various combinations and their efficacy with the intended purpose. Finally, they carefully test products on synthetic materials made to imitate real hair, skin, nails, etc.

Cosmetic chemists collaborate with development teams, designers, marketing professionals, and other product researchers. Their input and insight allow each branch of your cosmetics company to support each other and stay on the same page with the realities of the products you are creating. Their lab-based background also secures your facilities so you can feel confident you are adhering to safety standards.

Depending on their employer's focus and goals within the cosmetic industry, cosmetic chemists may also devote some of their profession to researching new ways of developing products. This may allow for some innovation of products and unique, niche market contributions. Each creation you get through Freelance Formulations is completely yours. You own the exclusive rights to your formulas contracted through us.

Standards of Your Cosmetic Products

For the health and safety of your consumers, employees, and the environment, all of your products should maintain high standards of quality and performance. This starts with implementing cosmetic standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a baseline for your products. Though ingredients in cosmetics (apart from coloring chemicals) do not require approval from the FDA, regulations are still in place to establish the safe creation and use of any cosmetic substance.

This is particularly pertinent in the packaging of a cosmetic — any potential side effects must be clearly and uniformly marked on the packaging. Further, any specific instruction on use that would impact the health and safety of a consumer must also be clearly and thoroughly indicated.

Our cosmetic formulation chemists are trained and educated in the proper handling of these products, from creation to testing to administration. You can trust their expertise. Their guidance and collaboration with each branch of a cosmetic company allow for the distribution or sale of safe products. When liability is a concern, this level of peace of mind is all the more valuable. Companies should protect their company through the hiring of reliable scientists like Freelance Formulations'.

How a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist Will Help You Create Quality Product

How do our cosmetic chemists create a product? Here is a brief overview:

1) Establish a Purpose

The business owner and the chemist determine what the goals of the product are. What do consumers need or want? How can current formulas be altered or improved so that they can offer something unique?

They also take into mind feedback on other products so that they can tailor new substances to better please customers. This may be regarding the efficacy or function of the product or even just its look, feel, smell, etc.

2) Identify the Base Formula

Whatever the product, a stock base has likely been defined that the product can build from. Chemists may choose to use this if it fits their future goals, or they may explore other materials that can provide the properties needed.

3) Calculate and Create

Next, the cosmetic chemist must do the math. This step involves calculating ratios, proportions, batch size, raw material amounts, and more. Using already-established expectations of each ingredient or chemical's reactions, the chemist can predict what the reaction will be to a certain mixture.

Once this has been checked through, the chemist will carefully mix those raw ingredients. They make observations along the way of things that work or things that may require improvement.

4) Testing

Chemical concentrations can be tested before the product is exposed to a surface. Once that is cleared, synthetic surfaces may be used to predict reactions in and on the human body. When the safety of human testing is assured, human testing can be administered.

Testing takes multiple rounds to offer consistent results. Each round may alter or fine-tune aspects of the formula so that it is the highest quality possible.

Trust a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist

If you are a business owner in the cosmetic industry, these are the professionals you need. Their training makes them an asset to your business. You can rely on the guidance of cosmetic chemists from Freelance Formulations to get you the products your customers will love.

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