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How Making Cosmetics With Freelance Formulations Can Elevate Your Beauty Brand

Your beauty brand can be elevated in various ways; one of them may be by working with us at Freelance Formulations. We understand that your brand is a reflection of you, and here is how making cosmetics with Freelance Formulations can elevate your brand:

Custom Beauty Products

At Freelance Formulations, we offer custom beauty products to those who choose to work with us. You can choose whether your beauty products are all natural, vegan, plant-based, FDA-approved, cruelty-free, and more. We have an array of ingredients for you to pick and choose from. When you work with us to create your custom beauty products, you own the rights to the formula you create. You can stand out from other beauty brands by making cosmetics with your own custom formula.

Basic Product Formulas

If you are interested in basic formulas, we offer those as well. We have created stock formulas for beauty products to assist you in saving time and money. The formulas we have created are high quality and use the best ingredients. Your beauty brand can be elevated by using these formulations because they are based on popular beauty products. Here are some of the stock formulas we have created for you to choose from:

  • Beard Oil

  • Cream to Powder Foundation

  • Liquid Lip Color Base

  • Matte and Metallic Eyeshadow Base Pallets

  • Primer

  • 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Shave Gel

  • Lip Balm

  • SPF 47

  • Body Oil Gel

  • Hair and Styling Gels

These are just a few of the products for which we have already created high-quality formulas. Contact us today if you are interested in elevating your brand with these formulas.

Simple Processes

The process is simple at Freelance Formulations, whether you choose to customize your formula or use our basics. Here are the two different processes of making cosmetics with us:

Customized Formula Process

First, you will be prompted to fill out one of our contact forms. This form will ask you questions about who you are and what your project is. Then you will be asked to sign an NDA. This document is key to making sure that your formula is kept between you and us. We understand that your ideas are unique, and we can help keep them that way. Our discovery call is next. During our call, we will ask more about your project and the expectations you want to set with Freelance Formulations.

Before we create your formula, we ask that you make a 50% payment towards the project and sign a service contract. We can collect the payment through cash, credit cards, and checks. After three weeks, we will send you a sample of your customized formula. This will be sent via mail to your location. You can test the sample to find out whether or not it is what you are looking for. Once you approve this sample, we will send you the last invoice. After the last invoice is paid, we will send the final formula to add to your beauty brand.

Basic Formulas Process

If you have chosen to opt for our formulas, the process is a bit more simple than making your own. First, you should browse through our basic formulas. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can request samples. Those samples will be sent to you to test. After choosing the formula you want, you simply make a payment to use based on the product choice. Once payment has been received, we will send the formulas to you. You then give the formula to the manufacturer of your choice.

Our simple process can help elevate your beauty brand by saving you time and money when making cosmetics. When you partner with us, your new or existing beauty products can become better.

Learn With Us

Another way making cosmetics with Freelance Formulations can elevate your beauty brand is through education. We also offer courses for those who are interested in learning about product development. When you choose to take these courses, you can share your knowledge with your customers. A knowledgeable beauty brand shows your customers that you care about how your products are made. We can guide you through each step of our process and help you understand in any way that we can.

Making Cosmetics With Freelance Formulations

At Freelance Formulations, we want our customers to thrive in the beauty industry. The first step is to create formulas worth purchasing. Our formulas can be customized to your specific needs for the customers you want to attract. An existing beauty brand may want to consider elevating its products with new formulas. If you are just starting in the industry, you may not know where to begin. You can elevate your beauty brand by working with us at Freelance Formulations. Contact us today to start your beauty brand's journey.

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