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How to Upgrade Your Current Product Formulation With a Cosmetic Chemist

The cosmetics market is constantly changing, and many brands alter their offerings to reflect emerging trends. We at Freelance Formulations can help you modify the cosmetic chemistry of your items to maintain consumer interest. You can improve the safety, efficacy, and usability of your product and add a competitive edge to your brand. Here are some ways you can upgrade your current product formulation:

Identify Areas to Improve

In order for your chemist to best know how to help you, you need to determine what part of your formulation you'd like to upgrade. Maybe you're wanting to switch up the texture or scent or you're itching to improve your product's efficacy.

Whatever you want to enhance, be clear on exactly what you want. At Freelance Formulations, our chemists' priority is to make you the formulation of your dreams. Be sure to go over all the changes with your chemist once the changes are finalized in order to get your finished product as quickly as possible.

Keep Up With Trends

Consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious, especially when it comes to cosmetics. Freelance Formulations can help your product stay on trend. With the help of a cosmetic chemist, we can rework your formulation to be organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and plant-based.

The industry is increasingly encouraged to produce natural and organic goods each year. These products may be safer for the skin and less harmful to the environment. You can draw clients that care about the environment by modifying your cosmetic recipes to be organic or all-natural.

Numerous people have decided to use vegan or plant-based personal care products and diets. We are able to develop formulas that adhere to these restrictions while keeping their sustainability and high quality.

Customize Your Ingredients

Another way you can upgrade your formula with our chemists is customizing your formulation's ingredients. Freelance Formulations specializes in custom formulas made just for you. As a customer, you can choose between a custom formula starting at $5,200 or a specialty formula for $7,800. Both formulas include two sample adjustments, letting you upgrade and adjust the formula until it's just right.

The details of the customizing procedure can be streamlined if you build your formulas through us. We do suggest making custom formulas only if you are ready to be fully involved in the project. Consistent feedback and input are necessary to help our chemists bring your new and improved product to life.

If you want to improve your formulation but aren't sure if you're ready to tackle a fully custom product, try one of over 40 stock formulas. Our stock formulas are high end, use the greatest ingredients, and are based on some of the most well-liked items available.

Upgrade Your Formulation With a Cosmetic Chemist Today

A successful cosmetics brand should be flexible year after year. If you find yourself in a rut and are unsure what to do, think about customizing your cosmetics with Freelance Formulations. We have been industry leaders in cosmetic chemistry for over 30 years.

Our staff can help you make the necessary adjustments for your cosmetic business to prosper this year. Freelance Formulations can help you whether you're updating your complete product line or just adding one new item. To find out more, call us today.

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