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Making Cosmetics for a Post-Pandemic Era: 6 Popular Products

The pandemic has changed how people live their lives, and this may include the products that people use. At Freelance Formulations, we understand that making and using cosmetics has changed as well. Here are some popular products to consider while making cosmetics:

1. Transfer Resistant Lip Gloss

At Freelance Formulations, we have several stock options for you to choose from. One of these popular formulas is our transfer-resistant lip gloss. This type of lip gloss is popular within the beauty industry. It may be popular because those who use it are less likely to need to re-apply throughout their day. When the amount of times one has to re-apply is reduced, the more longevity the product has and the more likely your customer may purchase it.

Our transfer-resistant lip gloss is concentrated, gives a glossy shine, and can be worn while eating, drinking, and doing other activities without fading. This formula can be clear, or any color pigment can be added to it. This product should be long-lasting, which makes it popular with those who use it.

2. Ingrown Solution

Another formula that has become increasingly popular is our ingrown solution. This product is popular because it can assist in solving a common problem many consumers face. When a person goes through a hair removal process, their skin can be left with red bumps and uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Our ingrown solution can assist consumers by reducing the appearance of these red bumps and ingrown hairs. This solution was designed to reduce these issues while being gentle on the skin where it is applied.

Our ingrown solution is versatile and can be used as a facial cleanser. When used as a facial cleanser, it may assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Your customer should love this solution because of its dual purpose and powerful effects.

3. B5 Gel

Skin care products are popular. While spending time at home, consumers had a lot of time to think about their daily routines. Skin care routines became popular via social media. When making cosmetics, skin care products should be considered. Our hydrating B5 gel can make a great addition to any skin care line. This gel brightens skin as it hydrates it. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. Our B5 gel is a national brand equivalent, which means your customers can get the same effects for a lower price from your brand.

4. Indian Healing Clay Mask

Masks of many different types have become more popular throughout the post-pandemic era. This may be because they gave people something to do while isolating at home. Our Indian healing clay mask formula can be compared to other highly rated red clay masks. This formula is made with no additives or fragrances.

A formula like this can allow those with sensitive skin to benefit from using the mask. This type of mask can help a large number of skin issues, including acne spots, dry skin, and other skin issues. Your customers should love this all-natural formula as natural products are becoming more popular.

5. Mattifying Primer

For those in the beauty industry, offering a quality primer product is key. When making cosmetics, we recommend our mattifying primer. When you offer a mattifying primer, the rest of your cosmetics should apply better and last longer for your customers.

Our formula helps reduce the appearance of pores, skin issues, and oil to create a better foundation for the rest of the makeup. Those who use makeup regularly probably know that they may look shiny without a mattifying primer. Primers have not always been mattifying, which is one of the reasons this type of primer is popular.

6. Tan Remover

Another popular product that spread throughout social media during the pandemic is self-tanner. Self-tanner may have provided a way to keep up their summer glow while spending most of the time indoors. While self-tanner is great, the removal process can be difficult and lengthy. This is why we have created a tan remover formula to assist in making the process easier for customers.

Our formula helps remove difficult-to-remove tanners while prepping the skin for the next self-tan application. This can assist in a smoother application of the tanner. Our tan remover formula is safe to use on the face and body.

Making Cosmetics with Freelance Formulations

When you choose to make cosmetics with us at Freelance Formulations, you can positively impact your customers. We understand that your customers are your first priority and our stock formulas have them in mind. At Freelance Formulations, our team has created stock formulas for you to choose from and gives you the option to create your own. We want to assist you in making the cosmetic, skincare, or beauty line you have dreamed about throughout the pandemic. Contact Freelance Formulations for more information.

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