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My Journey of Resilience- Our Founder's Story

The fourth quarter of the year 2014 was the end to a beautiful start: I was laid off; my corporate career ended, and I was pushed to start my entrepreneurship journey. 

This was not a choice.

If it was, I would probably still be working as a formulator for someone’s contract manufacturing facility or brand, while still juggling entrepreneurship until it made financial sense to make a full-time move. I took the first step by creating an intro letter for all my contacts and connections built over the course of my 10+ years of corporate career and introduced them to my new consulting venture, Debut Development. 

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I landed in less than 30 days to build, co-own, manage, and operate an FDA registered OTC and Cosmetic contract manufacturing facility with the negotiations to keep my consulting business as an extra stream of income. It gets better: this was a completely funded economic development growth initiative for Hardee County, FL so the grant dollars took care of the operational expenses along with salary and wages that was enough to last us a couple years. 

With this being a politically high-profile county project, it came with a great deal of scrutiny and stress to ensure the success of the project. I worked extremely hard and put in countless hours to run the complete operation to help build the success of the business which caused my own consulting and formulating company to fall by the waste side. Though I excelled in my role, I quickly realized— with the daily stresses of manufacturing, managing a staff of 10-15 personalities, and dealing with my own emotional highs and lows— this was not for me. 

Although I was grateful for this awesome opportunity, I was compromising my happiness & health— essentially killing myself— to build a business I knew was not in line with my purpose. Therefore, I contemplated my departure and came up with plan B. I left the business to my partner and birthed Freelance Formulations, an independent health and beauty product development partner for brands and entrepreneurs to not only custom formulate innovative health and beauty products, but also offers full exclusive ownership to their formulas. Here I am today, living in my purpose, happy and excited to go hard for our clients to help formulate their dreams into reality. 

Who I am… is a Kingdom believer. I believe there is a reason for every obstacle. I also believe there is a reason for the people you encounter throughout your life.

I lead with purpose; my purpose is driven by God, my Father. I wish to seek the face of God and not live through my own understanding. I know who I am. I know I was born for this. This is my gift. My purpose is to help entrepreneurs and brands formulate their dreams and demand through product development. ~Vanessa Thomas, Founder & CEO of Freelance Formulations

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