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A Day in the Life of a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist

A cosmetic formulation chemist develops and tests new products, such as makeup, skincare, and haircare solutions. From ingredient selection to testing, they are responsible for creating safe and effective products. At Freelance Formulations, our chemists can take your idea and make it a reality.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities of a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist

A formulation chemist can produce complex and challenging formulas. They're able to thoroughly create items approved by safety and health regulations. Here are some responsibilities they may encounter daily:

Formula Creation

Formulation chemists are responsible for creating the formula for your product. They usually start with consulting with you to learn more about your preferences and brand. After determining the type of product you want, our chemists can start selecting ingredients that are effective, safe, and compatible. They then start measuring and mixing the ingredients and add adjustments to achieve the proper performance, texture, scent, and color. We can also send you samples for you to try. We can adjust and tweak these formulations until you are happy with your product.


After creating your formulation, we run various tests on it. Our chemists are trained to evaluate effectiveness, stability, viscosity, and more. We can also use these tests to determine allergenic potential and other factors. With combined industry of development and manufacturing to brand design, each cosemtic product is high quality and a unique formula.


In the cosmetic industry, documentation is often required to ensure regulatory compliance and quality control. It also makes it easier for manufacturers to reference the process and ingredients used to formulate your product. Our chemists can document the ingredient quantities, procedures, test results, and other information when formulating your product.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations in the cosmetic industry can change regularly. They should comply with regional and international requirements to begin selling your products. Before finalizing your formulation, our chemists can conduct safety assessments and assist you with labeling compliance.


Another daily task for our formulation chemists is communicating with our clients and other team members. Our chemists may contact you to discuss changes to your formulation, testing results, and other general updates. They may also communicate with other team members about your formulation, product design, and branding. Communication keeps employee personnel aligned on project timelines and goals.

We also offer 1-hour one-on-one consultation calls. These calls allow you to speak with an industry expert about your product idea or your vision for your brand. A consultation call is an excellent first step towards learning more about the process and what it will take to develop your brand.

Freelance Formulations Turn Dreams into Reality

A day in the life of a cosmetic formulation chemist can involve tasks from creating formulas to completing consultation calls with customers. Freelance Formulations will help you turn your product idea into a reality. We can complete the research, development, and testing invovled creating it. We adhere to the strict guidelines through safety and health regulations for your cosmetic product. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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