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Ready To Launch Your Own Skincare Brand? How Freelance Formulations Can Help

Launching a new skincare brand is a big undertaking and can be challenging without help. That’s exactly what the cosmetic chemists at Freelance Formulations are here for. The road to a successful skincare brand can be made easier with unique, custom products geared toward your audience. Whether you need custom product formulas, stock formulas to build from, or online courses for product development, we can help.

Here are some of the ways Freelance Formulations can help you launch your brand launch find success:

Valuable Industry Experience

The more experience you have behind your product, the better equipped you can be to offer what your customers want. Experience can also help react to market changes. The team at Freelance Formulations is equipped with over 30 years of experience. All of that experience can be brought to bear to help you launch a brand you can be proud of.

Knowledgeable Cosmetic Chemists

If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider a consultation call with one of our cosmetic chemists. They can provide you with industry insights and answer the questions that may be holding you back. A consultation call secures you the chemist’s undivided attention for an hour. You can get feedback on product plans, explore branding ideas, or discover potential new formulas. Talking with a chemist is a useful step early in the brand launching process.

Stock Formulas

An excellent way to kickstart a brand with a shorter product turnaround is by using stock formulas. Freelance Formulations’ stock formulas are pre-made product designs that only require production. They emulate a variety of popular products, using high-quality ingredients. With samples available to order, you can confidently choose the formulas suited to your brand and produce batches quickly.

Custom Formulas

Shipping an initial selection of stock formula-based products while custom products are in development can be an effective launch strategy. While customers are getting to know your brand, you can develop new products in tandem with our cosmetic chemist team. Both all-natural and over-the-counter formulas are available for development. Our expertise and vast library of ingredients, combined with your inspiration, can yield brand flagship products loved by consumers. You’ll also maintain exclusive ownership of the formulas produced for you.

Product Development Courses

Ideal for those favoring a more do-it-yourself approach to product development, Freelance Formulations’ online courses can help provide you with a creative foundation. Our courses offer experience-based insights on brand and product development, innovation, and marketing. With course assistance, you can be prepared to launch your skincare brand whether you choose to favor stock or custom formulas.

Count on Freelance Formulations

While it may appear intimidating at first to launch your own skincare brand, you don’t have to do it alone. With the team at Freelance Formulations at your side, you can launch your brand with confidence in your product quality. Our courses and consultation offer you tools to turn to at any step in your process, before, during, and after launch.

Contact us today to learn more about our formulas, or about skincare product development. We’re here to help your skincare brand dreams become a reality.

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